The Lapis Bag


I am excited to introduce to you Senijari’s latest bag – The Lapis. This innovative design is made especially with those ladies who travel or who would like to organize their multi-tasking lives better. 

The Lapis bag is named after the delicious multi-layered Malay dessert “Kuih Lapis”. Just like the dessert, this wonderful bag does the magic of giving you three separate zipped clutches in one bag that enables you to separate your essential items and find them easily in each individual clutch. The chain is long and sturdy, so that The Lapis can be worn cross-body style, making it easy for going out to a crowded place, dancing, working and traveling.



Have you always wanted to design your own bag and mix and match the colours? Apart from being practical, the Lapis has an in built customized design element that allows you to design your own bag variation. You can detach each pouch to customize the bag. The colour of each of clutch is designed to be different but complementary to each other like the black, white and gold combination so you can wear just one or combine two (black and white, black and gold or white and gold) or three clutches together in different colour variations depending on the occasion or mood.


The Lapis comes in limited edition of three colours for each Lapis – we have carefully chosen each Lapis leather clutch combination depending on the colour of the Songket fabric flaps so each colour can complement the Songket flap.


Gold or silver are the accent colours for the Lapis so that an evening look can instantly be achieved just by taking out the other two clutches, and leaving the gold or silver clutch with the Songket flap. The Lapis is designed as such so that it can be transformed from a chic day bag to a glamorous evening bag by taking out its layers.


True to its name, The Lapis provides you a layered look in one handbag – a different bag every time if you choose.

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