Senijari Signature Collection: Organza Silk Songket Shawls



Senijari presents as its Signature Collection – Senijari Organza Silk Songket.

An exquisite and beautiful way to present songket, Senijari Organza Silk Songket is handwoven in organza silk and metallic threads with intricate, yet contemporary motifs. The minimalist colours of either black or white are chosen to highlight the intricate Songket motifs in silver, gold, antique silver or antique gold metallic threads.


Senijari’s Signature Collection displays a collection every year of items that express skilful handwork of artisans. Coupled with Senijari’s signature refined designs with careful compositions and restrained, elegant and subtle palette of colours, Senijari’s Signature Collection are considered collectors items, like good works of art and furniture, they grow more valuable and meaningful with time.


Instead of silk with metallic Lurex yarn, Senijari is introducing the graceful translucent and delicate organza silk that is handmade with utmost care on a songket weaver’s loom. It takes up to 3 months to weave these shawls on the handloom, and as the organza silk threads are more fragile than the thicker silk threads, the organza shawls are more difficult to weave.




The motifs for Senijari’s organza silk shawls are inspired from the ancient royal Songket motifs of Malim Dewa and Lawi Ayam.

For instance, the ‘Pucuk Rebung Lawi Ayam’ motif on this Malaysian Songket shawl literally means the “Rooster’s Winglet Bamboo Shoot”.  This pattern’s generic triangle shape is said to represent inner strength and the shape of the universe.

These motifs are rarely seen anymore. The Malay Sultans in the Malay royal courts dating as early as the 16th century often used these motifs.

Senijari’s organza silk shawls are for those connoisseurs and aesthetes who wish to not just to acquire something unique, but to collect and appreciate cultural heirlooms: a valuable, masterpiece of Malaysian craft.  Stay tuned for more masterpieces from the Senijari Signature Collection.

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