Artisanal Luxe – What is it?

studded bag ( Senijari)

Ever wondered what artisanal luxe is? In designing and creating Senijari, I always think first how a Senijari product would look and and feel like, and how to tell the story of its heritage through its craftsmanship.

I had always wanted Senijari products to have the look and feel of a luxury product, but with something extra authentic and individual about it, that can be traced to cultural identity and the human touch.

black songket


This is how I started labeling Senijari as “artisanal luxe”. In my opinion, “artisanal luxe” is something that has an artisan’s hand made touch or technique, together with the craftsmanship of skills and tradition using the highest quality materials such as fine silk and soft, supple leather.

textured pink leather envelope


For example, the Senijari clutches are made of textile that is handwoven on the handloom by Malaysian weavers, coupled with the highly skilled Italian craftsmen who fabricate the clutches using the best leather hand picked from Florence.

textured leather

Artisanal luxe can also be seen amongst brands that have a strong cultural identity and design aesthetic, either through craftsmanship, or design. Here are amongst the brands I admire and aspire to whom I feel have both the feeling of luxury yet the individualized artisans’ touch in their designs: Maiyet (, Shanghai Tang (, Marni ( and Dries Van Noten, Good Earth ( and Biyan ( .  What do you think of these brands?


Image credit @shanghaitang



Image credit : @shanghaitang


Image Credit : @biyanofficial 



Image Credit : @biyanofficial 

Suryani Senja


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