Organza Songket: Innovation in Design


Can our heritage evolve through design? Songket, a handwoven traditional Malaysian fabric, is usually created from silk or cotton threads as the background whereas gold or silver metallic threads form the motifs. 


Senijari believes in reinterpreting the traditional in order to remain relevant and contemporary. One of the new interpretations of Songket we had introduced was the Organza Songket.


About three years ago, we introduced songket woven from fine silk organza, with motifs in white silk threads or gold metallic threads.  The effect was stunning, like a Malay songket evocative of Spanish lace!


Needless to say the shawls were sold out, but we continue to receive custom orders for weddings and family heirloom textile collections. We will continue to innovate so our designs stay original, and have the capacity to surprise and delight our clients, so stay with us.



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